Why your business is going down? No Follow Through

I really struggle with this myself, so I know the delays and lack of results that inaction can cause. If you want a successful business, you have to actually follow through - with ideas, with contacts, with marketing. If I have an idea for a great new way to raise money on a website, it'll never happen if I don't actually put it on the website. If a customer calls me and leaves a message, there is no chance of a purchase if I do not call them back. When a client has an interest in a proposal, and wants to see it in writing, I have to actually PUT it in writing, and do the work necessary to show that I am a professional. I can have the best product or service in the world, and I can do all sorts of other work with my business, but if I fail to market my business in effective ways, it won't go anywhere. What we're really talking about here, is inaction. Failure to act on the ideas, prompts, and cues that a good business person picks up on and follows through with. Sometimes the prompts for business come from inside yourself - from your own creative ideas, from your schedule, or from your own desires. All the ideas in the world are useless if they just sit there and never receive the action to turn them into reality. Sometimes the prompts come from outside yourself - opportunities that you can act on, or not, inquiries from potential customers or clients, offers from other business owners, marketing opportunities that are presented to you from an outside source. Action isn't always appropriate, I mean, if it is a bad idea, then inaction is the right choice. But when you know the idea is good, when you want the business, and you just let it slide by, you may have missed something that was pivotal in your business.