My website story - part 2

Either time, I could have let it slide. The town would have eventually found someone else. The outcome for both the town, and myself, would have been quite different, I'm sure. Every contract I have entered into has had that element of decision. There is a point where I am the one who chooses whether to go forward or not. The client will indicate an interest, but if I do not follow through with solid action, the opportunity will be lost.

I hate putting shopping cart download links on my sites. It is a tedious and fussy process, which is complicated by the fact that we have flaky and slow internet. But if I write the best book in the world on a particular topic, and upload it, and then fail to put in the shopping cart link, all my effort is for nothing. I have a great idea, and have done great work, but unless I follow through to the very last step, there is no way that work can profit me.

My favorite part of the web process is the design phase. I love creating a site concept, building the site, and doing the first several pages of writing. With a larger site, like this one though, it becomes a chore by the time half the pages are written. I have to push myself to get the site completed. But if I never complete the projects I start, I never really have anything that can benefit my business. v Once a site is done, there is more tedium to link the site into my existing sites, and then to promote it. Marketing is pure drudgery to me. But it has to be done, because what good is all that work to build a site, unless someone can actually find it?

Unfinished work litters many lives, mine included. I don't finish everything I start, but I have learned to finish the important things, and to finish enough to have an impressive listing of websites, clients, books, and accomplishments. I don't market my work aggressively, but I market enough to get steady traffic to my sites, and consistent work to keep my schedule as busy as I want it.