Magento Installer and Automated Package Upgrades

We are pleased to announce that starting with version, a new Magento Installer will be available. When you download and unpack the installer package on your server, the installer wizard downloads and installs the latest available Magento Packages directly to your server. Since the installer has a smaller file size, you don’t have to upload every file to your server - it only contains the bootstrap files (the files necessary to run the installer itself, and basic configuration for Magento). The first video below demonstrates the installation process after the the installer has been downloaded and unpacked to the server.

In addition to this, installed Magento packages can now be upgraded with a single click from the Admin Panel. From the System -> Extensions -> Available Remote screen, you can view installed and available packages. You can also see the current available versions for each package and determine if an upgrade exists. If a newer version is available, you simply click on the package and upgrade through the Action tab. The second video example shows an update to the design of the Magento Admin. What is a Package?

A package is an archive file (or in other words, collections of files) containing one or more Magento core modules or Magento Connect extensions. It is PEAR formatted and distributed through a Magento PEAR channel (for more information, please visit

As posted previously, Magento Connect (MC) is a marketplace for the distribution of community and commercial Magento extensions, products and services. MC is expected to be online with the release of Magento’s production version. Video Screencasts

In the first video, the new installation process is highlighted after downloading the Magento installer package and extracting the files on the server.

In the second video, we go through an upgrade process. The example upgrades the Magento admin interface through the Magento PEAR channel. At the end of the video, you will notice the immediate interface update on the top of the page which illustrates that the upgrade has been successful.