Magento community

The Community Chat is a new feature we are introducing in an effort to receive community feedback on various eCommerce related topics. The concept is to discuss different questions, share our experiences and discuss yours. As we continue to develop Magento we are looking to disclose our thinking behind the project and learn from the community.

Our first chat will be with the US market on August 2nd. We are looking for eCommerce developers, designers, store owners, application providers, and consultants to join us in a discussion on the following topics:


- Tax types - Methods of calculating taxes - Reports needed Payments

- Authorization vs. capturing (best practices) - Storing credit cards and PCI compliance - CVV numbers - Fraud issues and liability concerns - Recurring payments - Post dated payments


- Shipping calculation (dimensional weight, international shipping, continental shipping, Exceptions: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, AFO, APO, PO Boxes, etc.) - Shipping as a promotion (different types) - Special goods (surcharges, misc)

Catalog Management

- Building SKU’s and product definition - Categorization/Taxonomy - Challenges with search - finding products


- Discounts and Promotions: type and methodologies - Maintenance issues - Reporting - Customer incentives

The format is simple: a question will be presented and the topic will be open for anyone to respond. We’ll try to get through the complete list in a timely manner. We don’t expect a response to every question, but if you feel you can contribute in any way, we’d love to hear from you. Highlights of the Community Chat will be posted on our blog.

We’ll be having many of these community chats in the future with different markets (France, Germany, UK, etc.) and audiences.

Community Chat - US Market