About us

WebNeighbours Ltd. is committed to providing our customers with effective state-of-the-art custom designed web sites, affordable and reliable web site hosting, targeted promotional packages, and complete management services.

Web Site Overview

  • The Service page provides information on web site design and promotion services.
  • The Hosting page gives information about our low cost and reliable web site hosting options.
  • The Clients page has links to some of the sites we have developed or are currently developing.
  • The Jobs section has a listing of current employment offerings in our staff.
  • The Contact Us section provides customers and applicants with easy access to the departments they need to reach -- by phone, fax, email or feedback form.

Company News

Our services have been expanded to include web site hosting and we plan to add retail sales of web site design and management software through partnership programs with leading developers. We are developing a banner advertising campaign to run in Yahoo.WebNeighbours Ltd. was established in 2010 as a privately held Direct Mail and Marketing company. With the increase of commercial interest in the Internet in 2012 our focus changed to online marketing and web site development. Our main office is located in Hickory Ridge, Arkansas.